Inclusion Networks

At Sweatlodge we believe that fostering a culture of inclusion is crucial for improving business performance, continued growth and success. We take a leadership role in creating a supportive environment where full potential can be realized.



Successful inclusion networks, (like the a national Indigenous economic inclusion network that addresses issues like the lack of awareness and inaccurate perceptions of working with Canada’s Indigenous community), are powerful tools that enhance capacity.


When we address, through inclusion networks, issues that prevent a person, a community or an organizations ability to reach its full potential we create an environment for success.


Sweatlodge provides the infrastructure to support inclusion networks. We are driven by a desire to bring together partners to create an environment where support, advice and the sharing of knowledge and best practices is at the forefront of the community in which we serve.


Inclusion networks celebrates the diversity within, leads to increase productivity, identifies new markets and for corporations creates value for shareholders.

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