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Who We Are

Sweat Lodge Technologies Inc. is a technology company, federally incorporated, operating and developing innovative national web-based service platform(s).
The flagship initiative www.itstimeforchange.ca focuses entirely on enhanced economic partnerships, cooperation and collaborations that enhance the economic conditions of both Canada’s Indigenous and Business community.

ITFC’s wholistic approach to economic capacity building for both Canada’s business and Indigenous community drives the its time for change network’s comprehensive search functionality. With a focus on awareness, knowledge and understanding of the business processes, procurement opportunities and incentives that that drive growth, jobs and partnerships, the its time for change inclusion network is truly a Canada wide response to the economic calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

What We Offer

Inclusion Networks
Focused on social and economic outcomes, we use technology to create...
Training Solutions
Offering both on and off line training solutions we...
Insights to improve your relationship with Canada’s Indigenous...

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